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  • Who is Gual Defo

    Who is Gual Defo ጓል ዲፎ ? Her biological father came from Shewa Ethiopia (some people said from Gojam) came under the Ethiopian–Eritrean Federation he was working as police officer at local Mekarka police (6 fingers man). He disappeared and her mother give to other man (Gilazghi who was married twice but never had any of…

  • Cash Rewards

    Cash rewards $250,000 us dollars (pay to your account PayPal and or bitcoin payment or wire transfer) providing information that leads to the arrest of the killer or killers Merhawi Tesfazghi (ነፍሺር መርሃዊ). He was killed in Luanda, Angola. We are seeking justice for Adi Hans and his family, you could submit an anonymous tip…

  • Welcome | እንኳዕ ደሓን መፁ

    ናብ ዓዲ ሓንስ – Adi Hans website መርበብ ሓበሬታ!