About ብዝዕባ Adi Hans ዓዲ ሓንስ

Adi Hans (ዓዲ ሓንስ) is a village in Central Eritrea located in the former province of Hamasien. current under Logo-Anseba ( some people referred as Debri Adi-Hans) administration (ምምሕዳር) It is 17.4 miles (28 km) north-west from the capital city, Asmara. It is an entirely Christian Orthodox Tewahedo Church inhabited by the Tigrinya speaking people of Eritrea. Bordered (ዶብ ዘለዎ) with Tseazega, Debri, Dikey Shay (ዲኬይ ሻይ), Dikey Dashme (ዲኬይ ዳሽመ) and more. It occupies a strategically important area in the Anseba region and Adi Hans is the oldest village in the 7-Anseba. The Book of the legal (ሕጊ እንዳባ) held in Adi Hans for many years served as administrative for the region.

Adi Hans used to be called ከንቲባ ሓንስ now is Adi Hans (ዓዲ ሓንስ) administrative region of all Eritrea today. ከንቲባ ሓንስ is the grandfather of Tseazega, Hazega and many more. ከንቲባ ሓንስ used to ruled (ገዚኡ) Eritrea before the 14th century.

The power moved to Tseazega at the beginning of the 18th century to the 1870s. The rulers of Tseazega were able to control the whole Medri Bahri, as well as Tigray in the first half of the 18th century. Its significance declined after the rise of Ras Mikael Sehul of Tigray. Ras Mikael defeated Tseazega and placed their rivalry Hazega in power which started more than 120 years of bitter feud.